What is the Fair Housing Commission?
The Fair Housing Commission enforces the Philadelphia Fair Housing Ordinance.  The Commission hears complaints against landlords who illegally terminate a lease or change to the terms of a lease for a property where there are open housing code violations.

When Can I File a Complaint?
•    There is at least one outstanding License and Inspections (L&I) violation at the property you rent from a private landlord (includes Section 8 housing);
•    Your landlord has not filed a Municipal Court complaint against you.
•    You are current on your rent or have your rent saved in a withholding or escrow account; and
•    Your landlord has participated in one of the following unfair rental practices under the Fair Housing Ordinance:

o    Retaliation because you reported housing code violations;
o    An illegal eviction;
o    An illegal rent increase or changes in the terms or conditions of the lease because you reported housing code violations; or
o    Utility cut offs by a landlord who is responsible to pay for them (gas, water, electric)

Where Should I Go to File a Complaint?
City of Philadelphia Fair Housing Commission
601 Walnut Street, Suite 300 South
Philadelphia, PA 19106
Phone: (215) 686-4670
Website: www.phila.gov/fairhousingcommission

What Documents Should I Take?
•    A copy of your lease;
•    Rent receipts as proof of payment or proof of a Rent Withholding Account or Escrow Account for the last 3 months;
•    All written documents between you and your landlord, including: letters with copies of the certified postal receipts (if you have them), e-mails, or text messages;
•    Evidence regarding the needed repairs, including receipts for any repairs you have made or photographs of the problem;
•    Copies of your utility bills, if you have any; and
•    License & Inspections 6-digit Service File Number (call 215-686-2463 or visit li.phila.gov).