How do I get my things back after a lockout?

1. Check your lease. See if it states how long your landlord must keep your things after a lockout.

2. Ask the landlord to store your things for 30 days from the date of the lockout. It is best to make your request by text, email or letter within 10 days of the lockout.

3. Schedule a date to get your things within 30 days from the date of the lockout.

  • Your landlord may:
    • Give you one single day to get your things out.
    • Move your things to another location.
    • Charge you for the cost of a storage facility.
  • Your landlord may not:
    • Refuse to let you get your things.
    • Charge you a fee or back rent to get your things.

4. Take your landlord to court.  If your landlord will not let you to get your belongings or if some of your belongings are missing or damaged, you may consider suing your landlord in small claims court.  For more information about filing a small claims complaint, click here.