If you missed court or were late to court, your landlord probably got a Default Judgment against you, and you could be evicted within 21 days. To try to get a new hearing, you can file a Petition to Open.

1. Go to 1339 Chestnut St, 10th Fl.

2. Ask to file a Petition to Open. In the petition you must state:

  • Why did you miss the hearing?
  • If it has been over 10 days since the hearing, why didn’t you file a Petition to Open earlier?
  • What are your defenses to the landlord’s claims? Be sure to include a defense to each claim the landlord made against you. You can review legal defenses here.

3. Attach to your petition any proof that you have. Be sure to white out any confidential information.

4. Ask to file a Petition to Proceed In Forma Pauperis (IFP). If the IFP is granted, you will not have to pay filing fees.  Download IFP here.

5. Choose type of service. If you choose private service, a person who is over 21 and not a family member must serve the court papers on the landlord.

6. Contact the court the next day. Call 215-686-7989. If your request for a petition hearing is granted, you will have to return to 1339 Chestnut St, 10th floor to schedule the hearing. You will have to pay a service fee unless you chose private service.

7. Seek legal help for assistance filing a Petition to Open or representation at a Petition to Open hearing.