Document the repair issues.

  • Make a repair request by text, email or letter.  It is best to send a letter.  (Download sample)
  • Take Pictures.
  • Get witnesses.

Bring attention to the repair issues.

  • Request an Inspection
    • L+I Inspection. Call 311 to ask for an inspection from the Department of Licenses & Inspections (L+I).
    • PHA Inspection. If you live in a Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher property, call 215-684-3860 to ask for an inspection from PHA.
    • Health Department Inspection. If you have an issue with rats or mosquitos, call Vector Control at 215-685-9000.
    • Utility Inspection. If you have issues such as foreign wiring, a carbon monoxide leak or a service shutoff, call your utility company.  
      • PECO 800-494-4000
      • PGW 215-235-1000
      • PWD 215-685-6300
  • File a Fair Housing Commission Complaint. If your property fails any inspection and your landlord threatens to evict you, you can contact the Fair Housing Commission 215-686-4670 or go to 601 Walnut St, Suite 300 South.
  • Withhold rent. You can withhold rent until the landlord makes repairs. You should keep paying rent unless the repair issues are serious.
    • Send rent withholding letter to landlord. (Download sample)
    • Escrow your rent. Open a bank account to deposit your rent or keep the rent in a money order.
  • Repair & deduct. You can pay someone make repairs and deduct the cost from your rent.
    • Contact a contractor and ask them to give you an estimate for the cost of the repair. The cost for repair should not exceed the amount you pay for a single month of rent.
    • Send repair and deduct letter to landlord along with the estimate. (Download sample)
    • Hire the contractor if the landlord does not complete the repairs in a reasonable amount of time. Keep the invoice and receipt.

 Ask for additional help.