How does a foreclosure work?

If your landlord does not pay the mortgage, taxes or water bill, the property may go to Sheriff Sale. Here is the process:

  1. Bank or City will send a Notice giving the landlord a chance to pay.
  2. Bank or City may file a Complaint in court.
  3. Bank or City may obtain Judgment.
  4. Property may be sold at Sheriff Sale to pay the Judgment.

To see if your property is up for Sheriff Sale, you can search for your address at the Office of Philadelphia Sheriff website here.

What happens to my lease?

After a Sheriff Sale, any lease between tenant and landlord ends, with very few exceptions.

What happens to me?

The bank or new owner may try to force you to move or take you to court to evict you. Here is the process:

  1. Bank or new owner may file a Complaint in Ejectment. You can file an Answer with the Court of Common Pleas in City Hall Room 296.
  2. Bank or new owner may obtain a Judgment for Possession.
  3. Sheriff will serve a Writ of Possession.
  4. Sheriff will evict all occupants.