If your disability is impacting your housing, your landlord may be required to help. You just have to ask.

What is a reasonable accommodation?

Any change to polices, practices, procedures or services to allow accessibility and equal opportunity for a person with a disability.  Examples include:

  • Installing ramps and hand railings to make a house wheelchair accessible.
  • Changing the date rent is due to coincide with the date you receive your disability check.
  • Allowing you to use a different entrance or park in a specific parking spot because of mobility issues.
  • Helping you transfer if your home is unsuitable due to your disability.

What is reasonable?

An accommodation request is reasonable if:

  • Your landlord does not have to spend an excessive amount of time or money.
  • Your landlord does not have to fundamentally change the services they provide.
  • The accommodation will actually address a need related to your disability.

Am I considered a person with a disability?

A person with a disability is someone who has a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities such as seeing, hearing, walking, breathing, performing manual tasks, caring for one’s self, learning, speaking, etc.

How do I request a reasonable accommodation?

  • Ask for a Disability Verification letter from a doctor, medical professional, peer support group, non-medical service agency or other reliable person who is in a position to know about your disability. The letter should state your disability and how it impacts your housing.  (Download sample)
  • Send a Reasonable Accommodation Request letter to your landlord stating your disability, how it affects your housing and what you are requesting as a reasonable accommodation. It is helpful to include a copy of the Disability Verification letter. (Download sample)
  • Discuss your request. The landlord or property manager MUST have a conversation with you about what accommodations they can offer.
  • For more information review the HUD/DOJ Joint Statement on Reasonable Accommodations in Housing here.

What are my options if the landlord refuses?

  • Seek assistance with your request from the Fair Housing Rights Center of Southeastern Pennsylvania
  • File a Discrimination Complaint with the Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations
  • Seek Legal Help.